Narayanan is an Architectural Photographer specializing in Retail, Commercial & Residential aspects. Alright,the corporate 3rd person voice doesn’t really work that well for who I am, maybe because I am just a regular human being like you.

I know you are spending your valuable time reading about me.So, I will try to keep it short and sweet and will hold on to the longer version for our conversation, when we meet. 🙂

I hold two Bachelors degrees, one in Visual Communication and one in Photography. I love photographing the works of art that architects & designers create over several months. Thats where I find my passion.

When I am not photographing commercially, I am probably traveling in some streets of India, photographing the amazing human beings who have never had a picture taken in their life.

In Short, I am a Minimalist. I am Gandhian. I am Narayanan.